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1st priority “Service & Compliance”

Along with the consumable materials, every industry/institute generates a huge quantity of plastic waste. The plastic waste generated in bulk production is extremely harmful to the environment.

We at Recycling hub are a

Plastic Waste Management Company in Ahmedabad

that takes environmental protection as a priority. Working as a

GPCB authorized plastic waste recycler in Gujarat

, we understand the requirement to develop a customized waste management plan for our clients. Our team ensures that you get 100% compliance & fair pricing with world-class service. As a trusted

Plastic Waste Recycler in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

, we ensure safe & compliance-driven plastic waste management in Gujarat and across the country. We ensure to collect plastic waste from every possible source, by engaging our highly trained workforce along with the resources in the marginalized sectors.

Recycling hub, one of the best

GPCB approved plastic Waste Recycler in Ahmedabad

that believes in advanced recycling solutions, by challenging the limitation of a traditional way of waste collection & recycling.

Plastic Waste Management Services

Circular Economy

With closing the loop for recycling waste and upcycling, we collect the waste and recycle it into beautiful products. We are an responsible waste management company in Gujarat. Our team actively works towards meeting the circular economy needs of our clients.

Extended Producer Responsibility

We are a plastic waste recycler in Gujarat, we are committed to give our best to make our environment free of plastic pollution. We engage above thousands of saffai sathis to collect millions of metric tons post-consumer plastic waste from different sources and divert them towards recycling. We are helping corporates in meeting their EPR & PWM compliances.


We provide the best auditing and consulting solutions in compliance with the law related to resource recovery, circular economy, reverse logistics and other waste handling solutions. We are GPCB authorized recyclers to offer effective waste management solutions.

Waste Management Services

We are the best GPCB authorized plastic waste recycler responsible for managing sustainable waste management solutions for bulk waste generators.

Our Plastic Waste Management Process


Being a

Plastic Recycling Company in Ahmedabad

, we collect plastic waste from bulk waste generators and from households in association with the urban local bodies.

Collections are done by our trained staff along with the engagement of the local safai sathis. All the collected plastic waste comes to our factory for further segregation sorting.


In the sorting process, we sort mixed plastic waste into a specific type of plastic. It’s done using our specialized team and by using mechanical machinery. By manual sorting we seggregate different kinds of plastic waste and place them in respective category of plastic ensuring proper next level processing.

Size Reduction

Plastic waste comes in different sizes and shapes. Using a machine like a crusher and a shredder, we reduce the materials’ size and make them suitable for our end. As a leading waste management company, we ensure to provide a smooth and constant flow of the plastic waste system.


The plastic material is melted with the application of heat and extruded through die into a desired shape. A cylindrical rotating screw is placed inside the barrel which forces out molten plastic material through a die. The final product out of plastic waste is, plastic granules.

What Benefits do you get from our Plastic Waste Management?

  • Reduced Environmental Pollution
  • Ensure 100% compliance as per PCB norms
  • Get quick approval for PWM registration
  • Get support for circular economy
  • Create sustainable employment for local rag pickers
  • Get waste diversion certificate

Why Recycling hub for Plastic Waste Disposal?

  • Technology driven service
  • Presence in wide range of cities
  • Integrity & work ethics
  • Excellent team
  • Excellent Service
  • ONE-STOP waste management solution

GPCB Authorized Plastic Waste Recycler