Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

GPCB Approved EPR Agency

Contributing in eliminating plastic pollution

We at Recycling Hub, the SBM and

GPCB Approved EPR Agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

, work towards providing more convenient recycling programs for residents and large-scale waste generators. We have a team that uses a different plastic-focused strategy and encourages specific recycling and disposal processes by transferring responsibility to product producers.

EPR Process

Registration and Preparation of EPR Plan

The 2016 plastic waste management rules say, the companies that use plastic packaging must register as producer. They should apply for registration along with offering an EPR action plan. The plan should contain the type and qualities of plastic waste and the manner of collecting and processing plastic waste with implementing partners. We are GPCB authorized recycler and EPR agency in Gujarat to offer the best support to recycle waste.

Implementation of EPR Plan

In this phase, collection, recycling, transportation and other disposal or plastic waste are taken place. After the waste is collected, quality is set up based on relevant criteria in the EPR plan. Moreover, the record is maintained for each activity for quarterly filings. We are the best EPR service provider in Gujarat to facilitate a reverse collection mechanism

EPR Services

With having huge experience, we manage extended producer responsibility in India by providing the best customer service. We help to develop an extensive collection network which adds consumer and informal sector.

Transparent Supply Chain and Data Monitoring

We are making massive innovation through digitization and IoT. Now you can get computer-assisted information on collection and disposal of plastic waste.

Experienced Team

Get plastic waste professional where engineers and lawyers assist through the process.

Measuring impact

Get social impact & environmental impact report on a quarterly basis.

Plastic waste stream

With the collaboration of different waste stream, we collect PET, MLP, HDPE, LDPE & PP and other plastic waste for recycling and safe disposal.

What are the components of Extended Producer Responsibility?

Reverse Logistics

Recycling Hub has a well-defined reverse supply chain with since we are a GPCB authorized scrap buyers in Gujarat. We allow adequate transportation of post-consumer waste with various assigned end destination. As a SBM approved EPR agency we ensure effective collection of plastic waste

Social Inclusion

We generate sustainable earning sources for our associate safaai saathis; therefore, our associates meet their daily needs and are assured of a sustainable future. At Recycling Hub, we, as industrial scrap buyers, offers the best recycling service and also serve our clients as an EPR agency in Gujarat.

Public Awareness

We conduct extensive awareness programs that include corporate events, collection drive and other social media campaigns. Choose the best scrap buyer in Ahmedabad and recycle with ease. We as an EPR agency ensure to create awareness on source segregation and impact of plastic pollution.

Why Recycling hub for Extended Producer Responsibility?

SBM approved EPR agency

Recycling Hub is a Swachh Bharat approved EPR agency and ensures the clients application is processed successfully for approval.

End to End Responsibility

We ensure to take 100% responsibility of the process till the approval of EPR. Our environmental team takes extra care in understanding and presenting all the minute details of our clients for a smooth process.

Significant social impact

As the best EPR agency in Gujarat we understand our responsibility to create significant social impact by bringing the marginalized sector in to the main stream of waste management.

Transparency in reporting

We ensure absolute transparency in reporting on every critical parameters of collection and recycling. As the best EPR agency in Gujarat we ensure our clients receive all the data on a regular set interval.

EPR Waste Management Service Provider in Ahmedabad!