E Waste Management Services

GPCB Registered E-Waste Recycler

Let’s make a positive contribution to the Environment with e waste Management system

Choosing the best e waste management company will help you in ensuring the safe disposal of E-waste as per PCB guidelines. E waste is termed as an electronic product that becomes unwanted and essentially reaches the end of useful life. We are GPCB authorized recyclers to recycle e waste that contains toxic and other hazardous materials. At the Recycling hub, you get a simple and eco-friendly process. We understand the need for recycling, and therefore, we provide valuable material from e waste. We are a leading and authorized

e waste recycler in Gujarat

that facilitates customers to dispose of e waste products after their end-of-life. We are the best waste management company in India to offer uncompromised recycling services towards environmental and social advantages.

Benefits of E Waste Management Services

Electronics Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

Use the best GPCB authorized waste recycler services and make a new product with reducing the need for raw materials. With using various metals from the computer circuit board and other electronics, everything is recycled easily.

Electronics Recycling Creates Employment Locally

We are a waste recycler in Ahmedabad we play significant role in dealing with electronics waste recycling. As a scrap buyer in Ahmedabad, we help many large scale waste generators to opt for genuine e-waste recycling service.

Electronics Recycling Supports the Community

We are an excellent waste management company in Ahmedabad to provide the best

E Waste Recycling in Ahmedabad

. Donate your old waste products. The products include computers and mobile phones that create a monitory return. Our team helps an individual to gain access to technology with ease.

Electronics Recycling helps to protect health and environment

Electronics comes with hazardous material that’s harmful to the environment. Therefore, we allow the customer to reuse and recycle electronics by keeping hazardous material from harming humans. We are GPCB authorized recyclers to offer effective waste management.

Our E Waste Management Recycling Steps


This stage comprises critical components from e waste to avoid dilution or contamination and a toxic substance and downstream processes.

Mechanical Processing

It’s a stage where industries use e-waste process for scaling large operation and obtaining concentrates recyclable materials. We have separate units for crushing, eddy current, shredders and other air separators.


It’s a process to refine raw material with minimal environmental impact. It comes with most fractions needs disposing of as secondary raw material and in the final disposal site.

Do’s and Don’ts for E-waste Management


  • Look for information on the product catalogue for end-of-life equipment.
  • Ensure to have an authorized recycler along with handling electronic products.
  • Discount the battery from the product and ensure to use a glass surface that protects against breakage.
  • Drop used electronic products, accessories, and batteries with reaching the end of life.
  • Connect with us as we are GPCB authorized waste management company.


  • Never dismantle electronic products on your own.
  • Never throw an electronics bin with having sign ‘Do not dispose of it’.
  • Do not dispose of the product in the garbage along with municipal waste as it reaches landfills.
  • Never give your e waste to a local scrap dealer or Rag pickers.

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