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“We know how to shape the future of waste. At Recycling Hub, we use advanced disposal techniques to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Our solutions cover end-to-end operations and offer a better understanding of Right recycling. We ensure you get a one stop waste management solution for all your waste management related needs. Choosing the right waste management solution is essential. Therefore, we offer compliance oriented, safe and
effective disposal solution under one brand, Recycling Hub. Read More…


Our Expertise

One Stop Waste Management Solution


Hazardous Waste Management

Get the most extensive range of services for the management, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste. Jump here for best Waste Management Company in Gujarat and ensure the maximum level of environmental compliances.

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 Plastic Waste Management

We are serving the bulk waste generators for their plastic waste management requirements and helping them meet their PWM compliances. Our team ensures 100% of your plastic waste gets diverted towards recycling.

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 Industrial Waste Management

If you are looking for a one stop waste management solution with all compliances as per Pollution Control Board’s norms, we are the best choice for you. Streamline your organization’s waste management process with us. We help you focus on your coreactivities by ensuring hassle free one stop waste management service.

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 Extended Producer Responsibility

Recycling Hub is helping the PIBOs in achieving their EPR targets. By engaging above 400 safai saathis, Recycling Hub isdiverting a huge quantity of post-consumerplastic waste from landfill to recycling. Weare collecting plastic waste from above 22Urban Local Bodies of Gujarat.

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 Circular Economy

Along with purchase and recycling of scrap materials we are also helping our clients in meeting their Circular Economy needs as a
part of their industrial waste management need.

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Organic waste management

Illegal dumping of organic waste emanates methane gas to the atmosphere. We provide environmental friendly safe disposal solution for organic waste. We ensure you get all the necessary certificate for the safe disposal of organic waste.

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Corrugated Box

We help you get the best value for your corrugated boxes and other paper scrap. We are currently diverting above 30000 MT of corrugated boxes every year towards recycling thus saving millions of trees.

Plastic scrap recycler

We are one of the most trusted Plastic Scrap recyclers in India and currently serving above 100 bulk waste generators for their PWM needs. Along with purchase of plastic scrap for recycling, we also actively help organization in meeting their goals for “Circular economy”.

Iron Drum Scrap Buyers

We purchase all types of drums, barrels, IBC tanks & carboys. We ensure all the materials are properly transported to our GPCB authorized decontamination unit and the decontamination is done as per the guidelines of GPCB. We also purchase used oil/spent oil for re-refining at our GPCB authorized unit.

Wooden Pallets Scrap Buyers

We are best GPCB authorized Scrap buyers in Ahmedabad to offer wood collection services to suit your individual requirements. Choose Recycling Hub to get fast and reliable collection service.

E-Waste Scrap Buyers

We collect all types of electronic goods and decommission them with guaranteed data security. We help you to dispose of all your electrical and electronic scrap legally with 100% compliance. Get first-class e-waste recycling with us.
Our Satisfied Customer Says

"Recycling Hub provides us all the necessary compliance certificates as per GPCB norms and other environmental guidelines. The punctuality of vehicle placing and labor behavior are also very good and as per our required standards."

EHS Head

Auto ancillary part manufacturer – Sanand GIDC, Gujarat

"We are associated with Recycling Hub for 3 years and we are getting all our waste management related compliances as per GPCB guidelines. Recycling Hub is also providing in-premises waste shredding services by their trained labor, this is helping us a lot in managing our scrap yard properly."

EHS Head

Pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Ankleshwar GIDC, Gujarat

"Recycling Hub is thousand times better than our old scrap vendor. We are feeling glad to associate with a waste management company. The entire team of Recycling Hub is very professional and they understand all our needs perfectly and provide all necessary service and compliance for hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste."

Plant Head

Refractory product manufacturer, Morbi, Gujarat

"Simply awesome. Never thought earlier that there would be such an organized waste management company in the market. The waste diversion certificate and 100% technology driven process is really very useful."

EHS manager

Textile manufacturer, Chattral GIDC, Gujarat

"With association of Recycling Hub, we are getting 100% waste management service under a single umbrella, with 100% compliance as per PCB norms and excellent service at the same time."

Plant head

Automobile manufacturer – Manesar GIDC, NCR, Haryana

"Earlier hazardous waste management was a big problem at our unit. After our association with Recycling Hub, we are getting all compliances and service in a very hassle-free manner."

EHS Head

FMCG goods manufacturer, Changodar GIDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat