Recycling Hub ensures that Planet breaths correctly without the mask of the garbage

Recycling Hub ensures that Planet breaths correctly without the mask of the garbage

Let’s take a moment and look around to realize how dependent we are on plastic, and it’s an unavoidable part of our lives for several decades. Like other countries, India generates nearly 15 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, and one-fourth of this is recycled due to the lack of a solid waste management system. Ultimately, it leads to landfills burden for poor socio-econimic condition for waste pickers.

Plastic products have increased since 1960 and range from containers and packaging (soft drink bottles, shampoo bottles, lids) to durable goods (furniture, appliances and cars) and non-durable goods, including from a plastic party to medical devices. The waste directly or indirectly affects living organisms throughout the ecosystem, including an increasingly high impact on the micro-scale. Using limited sustainable recovery of plastic, there’s a growing movement happening to reduce the generation of plastic. It can be safer for the environment than others where they may have trouble issues associated with the environment. Later, it concludes where the action is needed to remove plastic waste, and stricter controls limit are set for a new source of plastic pollution.

We at Recycling Hub have set a goal to emerge as a fully organized one-stop waste management solution for the industrial sectors and for large scale waste generators like ULBs. We have a team highly skilled to carry out a task using logistic partners, labours, corporate group, technology team etc. We are genuinely committed to delivering uninterrupted waste management services like Organic waste management, Plastic waste management, EPR services, Circular economic services, hazardous & non-hazardous waste management services, glass scrap waste management etc. We as individuals are passionate about recycling and have determined goals to provide excellent services to the customer

We have started investments and projects using four strategic pillars:

  • Infrastructure To enhance waste infrastructure, we have a team that prevent plastic from reaching the environment
  • Education We engage and collaborate with government, consumer and industries to drive effective solutions.
  • Innovation We provide innovative & new sustainable designs, material, technology and business model based on economics and sound science.
  • Clean Up Develop solutions to address the cleanup areas with existing plastic waste in the environment.

We have an expert team who stay ahead in fulfilling the target of sustainable development goals:

  • Good Health and Good Well-being
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Life Below Water
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Life on land

Plastic is the backbone of globalization that makes it difficult for the world to encounter and get pragmatic solutions. To get an effective waste management solution, we use best recycling practices and protect the environment during and after this pandemic. We meet the sustainable development goals and maintain our network to offer a vast array of solutions to our customers.

Recycling Hub addresses the needs of our clients and understands the actual value of waste recycling. Our expert team are well-committed to deliver a world-class waste management experience to the world and offer better lives to our employees, business associate, and inspire others. We ensure that the Planet breaths properly without the mask of garbage.
In this pandemic, plastic pollution has increased with individual choices during lockdown with growing demand. Moreover, the global crisis has led to extra pressure on regular waste management practices, which leads to an inappropriate management strategy.

As a leading waste management service provider, we operate on the principle of trust, passion, and innovation. We provide 100% environmental compliance; our expertise strives to stay ahead of the curve and deliver excellent service level using innovative waste management solutions.

To wrap up, there may be organizations in the world calling in 2030 where the plastic crisis must be solved. Especially in this COVID 19 setbacks, we must try to do everything in our power to expedite a solution to the plastic crisis. We collectively think faster and more prominent as the problem will grow exponentially. We believe having the data available with saving our environment and recycling across supply chains with exploring different with more sustainable solutions.

We take bold and integrated actions required to address pollution across sectors and help them to expand economic opportunities. It ultimately improves the health and prosperity of millions of people. Plastic and various other pollutant continue to pollute the shelf life. Therefore, Recycling Hub is here to turn off the tap and prevent pollution with recycling using excellent services. Choose us to get the best waste management services, and it’s time to clean up the scrap of the past and celebrate clean cities every day.