Non-Hazardous Scrap/Waste Management

Non-Hazardous waste Management

One stop Waste Management Solution

Non-Hazardous waste does not harm or cause any damage to people or the environment if recycled properly in its regular frequency. In simple terms, non-hazardous waste cannot be classified as threat to environment due to any toxic . The waste includes wooden scrap, paper scrap, metal scrap, mixed garbage. We at Recycling hub are the best waste management company in Ahmedabad to solve your non-hazardous waste problem. We ensure flawless service record and an excellent service team to help you achieve the best method of non-hazardous waste disposal. Get ready to dispose of or recycle your non-hazardous with the best waste management company of Gujarat.

Non-Hazardous Scrap Management Services

Plastic Scrap/Waste Management

Get innovative, feasible, environment friendly, and technological waste management solutions with Recycling Hub. We are the best plastic waste recycler in Ahmedabad. Let’s recycle the plastic waste for a better tomorrow.

Paper and Document Shredding Management

Convert your paper and document shredding management with Recycling hub for better tomorrow. Consult us today if you’re looking forward to save time & effort in document managing without any hassle.

Wooden Scrap/Waste Management

A dedicated wooden scrap management service provided by Recycling Hub helps to maximize the amount of waste to at your scrap yard. Find out how we recycle wood waste and solve certain disposal problems.

Metal Scrap/Waste Management

Recycling Hub aims to recycle metal scrap while ensuring to have eco-friendly and environmental solutions. We are the best GPCB authorized metal scrap buyer, who ensures maximum value for the scrap seller.

Rubber Scrap/Waste Management

We are an industrial scrap buyer in Ahmedabad, we ensure recycling of rubber scrap. Get exceptional waste disposal management and rubber scrap solution with an effective solution.

E-Waste Management

We are a one-stop waste management solution provider and we provide e-waste management solution as per the pollution control board norms . Let’s create awareness and reduce the adverse impact of e-waste.

Glass Scrap/Waste Management

We take this as a challenge to recycle glass waste. Our glass recycling service is very convenient and saves your time and effort. Sell your glass scrap in a hassle-free manner with sustainable waste management solutions.

Common Non-Hazardous Waste Examples

Organic Waste

We are a GPCB authorized organic waste recycler. The organic waste or food waste such as left-over food, kitchen waste and expired food materials etc may cause severe environmental damage if not disposed or recycled properly. We provide environmental friendly solution for the safe disposal of organic waste and food waste. We are GPCB authorized food waste recycler.


We ensure your batteries scraps like car batteries scrap, inverter batteries, solar batteries, etc get recycled at a GPCB authorized recycling unit. Your batteries are recycled by GPCB authorized battery recycler. We offer the best price for scrap batteries in Gujarat & across India. The used batteries are carefully delivered to the GPCB authorized recycling plant for the safe batteries recycling process, with no danger of air and water pollution. Recycling Hub is strictly committed to a pollution-free and safe environment. We are a battery scrap buyer in Gujarat.

Paint tin scrap

It falls into the category of hazardous waste. We take extreme care in handling and transportation of such tins which are covered with hazardous materials. We ensure your waste is delivered to the GPCB authorized plant only and decontamination is done as per GPCB guidelines. We are a paint tin recycler in Gujarat.

Industrial Waste

Some industries produce a substantial amount of non-hazardous waste. Recycling Hub buys all types of waste materials from different manufacturing industries and ensures every scrap material is diverted to recycling.

Why Recycling hub for Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal?

  • Responsive Service Team
  • Great Industrial Experience
  • Customized Disposal Solutions
  • Flexible Service Scheduling
  • Detailed Price
  • Cost-Effective Treatment
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Maintaining Healthy Environment