Debunking Myths of the Waste Management Industry

Debunking Myths of the Waste Management Industry

Innumerable amounts of waste are generated in India every year. Where do people dispose of these waste items? Filling in the land, throwing in water, or burning? None of them.

People are becoming increasingly aware of how mismanagement of waste affects the environment, humans, animals, and birds. As a result, they are partnering with the best waste management company in India for their waste management and recycling requirements.

Gujarat, one of the industrial states, generates massive waste. Thus, the state has many waste management companies. However, you must identify which one is recycling in an environment-friendly method.

Further, people are getting a lot of information on the internet. They are often confused between the facts and the myths. Thus, we have listed down the most common myths about the waste management industry.

Myth #1 – If you put all waste in a single bin instead of various bins for different waste, it will not matter. Waste will be sorted out before the recycling process.

There is a reason why waste categories are defined. Waste can be hazardous or non-hazardous. If both kinds of waste are collected, non-hazardous or recyclable waste can be contaminated. As a result, these waste items cannot be recycled anymore. If you wonder that the waste is being sorted before recycling, then you are on the right path. However, you must collect recyclable and non-recyclable or hazardous waste in different containers.

Myth #2 – Recycling wastes time and labour; all waste items are filling land anyway.

All waste items are sorted once they reach the waste management company in Ahmedabad. Experts sort waste items from recyclable to non-recyclable objects and hazardous to non-hazardous objects. Recyclable items are sorted further before the recycling process. The items that cannot be recycled are processed in a way that does not harm the environment, humans, or animals. Lastly, they filled in the land. Thus, lands are getting filled but not directly, not all waste items.

Myth #3 – Waste management or recycling companies do not care about the environment.

Again, it is a myth. When you partner with the GPCB-approved waste management recycler, you can expect maximum protection for the environment, humans, animals, and birds from the waste given to the company. Waste recycling companies have various advanced processes that ensure waste items are harmless. If managing and recycling waste was harming the environment, those processes have no purpose in the first place. Thus, you must partner with the GPCB approved hazardous waste recycler for your hazardous waste recycling requirements to recycle your waste in an environment-friendly way.

Myth #4 – Waste management and recycling only increase the costs.

Well, it is not true. When your industry generates oil, aluminum, or any other waste that can be recycled and used again, recycling becomes a saving instead of an expense. Recycled materials can become your raw materials. Thus, you save your purchase costs.


In final words, there is no end to generating waste. There are only solutions to manage and recycle waste. Hopefully, your misconceptions or myths about the waste management industry are debunked. Now, you will not wrangle when anyone says the waste management industry is one of the pivotal fields currently for a better tomorrow.