Rubber Scrap Waste Management

Rubber Scrap Waste Management

Transform environmental hazard into a sustainable resource

The problem of managing rubber waste is becoming essential in today’s time. At Recycling Hub, we have a zero-waste-to-landfill policy that means we avoid landfill wherever possible. Meanwhile, we collect 100% rubber waste and recycle it. Using a wide range of products, we assure that your rubber waste is handled with full compliance and using the latest environmental regulations. We are the best waste management company in India that focuses on sustainable practices in almost any industry. We are the best GPCB authorized recyclers to follow the entire process within the enclosed environment and prevent toxic gases.

Rubber Scrap Waste Management Benefits

Conserve Landfill Space

We know tire takes a lot of space in landfills due to round and hollow shape. As landfill space is a finite resource, it eliminates oversized bulky items that take up more space than necessary. At Recycling hub, we provide the best recycling service with the best sustainable waste management solutions.

Create Beneficial New Products

Recycled tires are used in several ways like it helps to generate fuel, rubberized asphalt, railroad ties, flooring and other such alternatives. We at Recycling hub are authorized scrap tyre buyers in Ahmedabad to offer transparent services.

Prevents Spread of disease

The old tires are the home for disease-carrying rodents. It provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry deadly diseases. We are the best waste management company in Ahmedabad that eliminates tire waste and helps prevent disease spread.

Produce useful Raw Materials

The waste tire is a persistent environment hazard that produces secondary raw materials. The rubber after recycling is superior to traditional materials like sound absorption, lightweight, insulting, crack-resistant etc. We are GPCB authorized recyclers to offer effective waste management.

Our Rubber Scrap Waste Management Process


ELT, after being removed, are collected in the centre for controlling, weighing and later stored for being taken to plants for treatment.

First Shredding

In the first step, ELT is cut into shreds sized between 5 to 40cm. Later it is sent for energy recovery of future shredded to allow the separation of materials.

Second Shredding

In the next level, smaller pieces are cut until it’s possible to separate the rubber from steel and textile fibres. Later rubber is treated to obtain granules and powder destined with transforming into new products.

Recovery of materials

In this process, the materials are the output of various types and dimensions based on typology. Therefore, we process it accordingly.

Why Recycling hub for Rubber Scrap Waste Disposal?

  • Preserve the Environment
  • Reduce illegal dumping
  • Integrity
  • Multiple Rubber Uses
  • Transparency
  • Inclusion

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