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Organic waste is materials that originate from living sources like animals, plants and micro-organisms. The particles are biodegradable and break down to form into simpler organic modules. Recycling Hub is a leading GPCB authorized scrap buyer in Gujarat to maximize recycling and recover waste components. Our biological treatment for managing organic waste is among the most convenient and effective alternative for treating organic waste. Today, the various business has several options for sending organic waste to specialize in facilities where it can recycle with ease. If you’re looking for to best waste management company in Ahmedabad, Recycling Hub is an effective waste management option for you.

Our Organic waste management Process


The first step is to collect the waste materials where the size of the kitchen’s material is from small to large. We are GPCB authorized scrap buyer to collect waste and to collect the same into organic manure.

Inert separation

It is one of the essential steps where organic waste is recycled using the inert separation technique. In this phase, it’s necessary to deal with organic waste from industries. It removes substance like glass, plastic, and bricks and separate the materials.


Before organic waste is added to a recycling system, it should be prepared first. For composting; shredding and stacking organic waste is a must. There are a few methods used, like stabilization before recycling. Connect to the best waste management company in Gujarat and be responsible for the disposal of your organic waste.

Recycling Process

Understanding the nature of organic waste and its desired end products, we adopt a suitable method for recycling. As GPCB authorized recyclers, we help you eliminate all waste and treat them well using thermophilic digesters.

Screening and Grading

In this phase, the compost is screened into different sizes and used for other purposes. Depending on the application of end products, screening and grading are an essential part of the organic waste management process. Choose us to get the best scrap buyers in Gujarat.

What Benefits do you get from our Organic waste management solution?

More Sanitary than Traditional Waste

The left-out food dumped in trash cans attracts pest, rats, local dogs and other racoons. Also, safe disposal of food waste for public sanitation can make good ecological sense and eliminate unsanitary conditions. We are GPCB authorized scrap buyer in Gujarat to help in the better composition of waste.

Turn Waste into Resources

Compose unwanted organic waste and food energize the soil for future plant growth. Also, rotten food from landfills converts into methane gas due to which chemical release during decomposition. We are the best scrap buyer in Ahmedabad to offer an excellent waste management plan.

Makes Sound Financial Sense

Various city waste manager is given charge of trash and other waste diversions. One indeed considers rising the dumping with finding new areas and unearth the purpose of disposal. If you’re looking to trim your excess expenditure, then consider Recycling Hub for the financial benefits.

Sustains Communities

We support the local farmers by providing them the organic manure. In turn we encourage organic farming for better human health by making the soil more fertile with proper recycling of organic waste. Choose the best industrial scrap buyer and get outstanding waste management service for all types of waste including organic waste.

Why Recycling hub for Organic waste management?

  • Regular Compliance
  • Green Initiatives
  • Waste management solution
  • Save More
  • High-Quality Compost
  • Social impact

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