Tips to Reduce Carbon Footprint Emission

An authorized recycling company knows the industry’s best practices. We have the skills, resources, techniques, and expertise to recycle different types of waste, ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions during the recycling process. Also, proper waste management and recycling are the need of the hour if we want businesses to sustain themselves without harming the environment. So as a business, you need to choose waste recyclers over a local vendor for proper recycling.

In this blog, Let’s look at five ways to reduce carbon footprint emissions without further ado.

Go for Responsible Recycling

Sure, there are many wastes management and recycling solutions available; however, responsible recycling is key. Recycling instead of producing and moving materials helps reduce overall energy consumption by preventing direct CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Every time we recycle, we save our planet by making it more sustainable. If you still need to get into recycling waste, now is the time.

Say No to Landfill

Landfills produce toxic gases, including carbon, carbon dioxide, etc. Each time you recycle, it eliminates waste from landfills, further helping to reduce carbon emissions. This elimination of waste from landfills significantly reduces the number of toxic gases produced, which eventually helps in bettering the environment. So, saying no to landfill and yes to responsible recycling is a huge step toward sustainability.

Recycle Materials Technically

Waste management is not the solution to a sustainable environment; proper waste management is. Wrong ways to manage or recycle waste increases carbon emissions significantly.

As a GPCB authorized waste recycler in Gujarat, we keep technology and GPCB compliance in check. We ensure the proper techniques while abiding by the relevant rules and regulations, as managing waste with the proper procedures and guidelines is vital.

Use Optimized Vehicles

When you take up waste on small, low-power vehicles, it consumes a lot of fuel. This fuel consumption releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, which harms the environment.

Instead of using small vehicles with 2/3 stroke engines, we use a large 4-stroke vehicle with VLTS(AIS-140) software to pre-define the speed limit, resulting in lower CO2 emissions. This reduces trip frequency as all waste gets unloaded in a single visit, lowering fuel consumption.

Proper Scrap Management

Smelting scrap materials without a proper waste management technique or open waste burning produce 11% of carbon emissions globally. Recycling Hub ensures your waste is properly taken care of. Whether it is e-waste or raw waste consisting of manufacturing materials, from picking it up to disposing of or recycling it, we ensure to offer an end-to-end service. Moreover, we also offer paper shredding services.


As the best waste management company in India, we ensure these five ways to reduce carbon footprint emissions. If you are a business struggling with waste management and recycling, contact us. Moreover, we’re only a call away if you want to know more about our waste management services. We offer free pickup and drop services wherein our vehicle picks up the waste from your premise and takes care of it.

Importance of Paper Shredding for Your Business

People today are moving towards sustainability. Given the pollution and industries developing, we aren’t left with any other option but to protect mother nature. If you’re a business, paper shredding is one of the simplest ways to protect the environment. Well, paper shredding in the right hands is a way to protect the environment.

As a renowned paper waste recycling company in Ahmedabad, we want to highlight why paper shredding is crucial for any business. Let’s get into it without any further ado.

Protects Your Customers

A data breach has the potential to cause damage to any business. So, if you aren’t shredding your documents daily, all your customers’ data are just lying around and can be easily accessed by anyone. Once a consumer’s data gets compromised, the business’s reputation and credibility are questioned. The trust gets broken, and your business may not ever be able to recover it.

Removes Identity Theft

Since the past decade, identity theft cases have risen by 125%. As the best waste management company in India, we strive to reduce this percentage by regularly shredding papers. Confidential data may have information like bank statements, cheques, employment records, etc., that can be stolen by someone and could easily be a case of identity theft.

Ensures Data Safety

Your internal staff members put a lot of trust in you when dealing with their personal data. Also, it’s pretty clear that businesses hold a lot of valuable information about their employees. Almost every aspect of an individual is stored in company documents, from their data to their financial data. Shredding documents offers peace of mind that your staff data is correctly disposed of and won’t be compromised.

Ensures Compliance

If any document or file deals with sensitive or confidential data, the law places certain obligations on businesses regarding data protection. This includes disposing of anything that may contain sensitive data. After all, a data breach leads to losing customer loyalty and may also have legal repercussions. So, it’s not worth the risk of not having secure document disposal in place.

Sort Internal Organization

Files and documents take up ample space internally, so if you want to optimize the space in your office or on your premises, dispose of what you don’t need regularly. The safest and most straightforward way is via scheduled document shredding. This is especially required when you own a small space and have a large team. When unnecessary papers will hold less space, you’ll be able to utilize that space for your employees and other resources.


The blog enlists five reasons you should consider paper shredding if you haven’t already. While you can shred papers on your own, it’s advisable to consult a paper shredding agency like ours to comply with the guidelines and follow a secure way to shred paper. We’re only a call away if you need to know anything about our waste management or paper shredding services. Good luck!

Recycling Hub – Best Waste Management Company in India

Sustainability is the only way to go.

Confused after reading the first statement? We live in a world where industries and automobiles are two of the most pollution-spreading sectors. While we cannot control all the sectors from spreading CO2 in the atmosphere, we can surely try and prevent some. One of the best and easiest ways to do so is to recycle plastic waste. As a waste management company in India, we want to highlight why you should choose us for your recycling or disposal of waste-related services.

So, let’s get to it without further ado. 

Why Should You Choose Us? 

Among the many waste management companies, why should you choose us is a legitimate question.

We have listed below some key reasons why you should consider us.

  • We endure a deep understanding of the GPCB and CPCB waste management standards and always stay ahead of the curve by delivering hassle-free services.
  • We claim to be the best since we ensure customer satisfaction, transparency, integrity, social commitment, innovation, and environmental safety and are 100% GPCB-approved recyclers.
  • We are committed to delivering all-inclusive waste management services adhering to regulatory standards.
  • We go by the mission of achieving 100% PCB compliance. We comply with the pollution control board’s waste management criteria. 

Waste Management Services We Offer: 

We are an industrial plastic recycler. However, we are much more than just that. As a one-stop waste management solution provider, we also offer the following services for your business. 

  • Scrap buyer
  • Hazardous scrap/waste management
  • Plastic scrap/waste management
  • Industrial scrap/waste management
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Circular economy
  • Organic waste management
  • Industrial scrap business 

Cities We Are Located In: 

We are located in several cities across Gujarat and certain states including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

We are located in the following cities of Gujarat:

  • GIDC areas of Ahmedabad
  • Vadodara
  • Sanand
  • Changodar
  • Chhatral
  • Kadi
  • Panoli
  • Dahej
  • Savli
  • Jambusar
  • Ankleshwar
  • Becharaji
  • Kalol
  • Mehsana
  • Vithlapur
  • Bavla
  • Halol
  • Gandhidham
  • Morbi
  • Dabhoi

You can reach out to whichever location is feasible for you and get to know about our disposing and recycling waste-related services. 

Here’s How We Make an Environmental Impact: 

We believe every business has a social responsibility. As a business, we have always strived and will always strive to stay true to our values. As an embodiment of that statement, below-listed are a few ways how we have contributed to creating a positive environmental impact.

  • The recycling hub handles over 3,00,000 tonnes of dry waste
  • It has diverted over 7,50,000+ tonnes of Co2 equivalent emissions
  • It has empowered over 1800 waste pickers 

Since we believe in retaining our mother Earth’s greenery, we shall continue to organize such drives and motivate waste pickers working toward creating a better planet. 


Hopefully, you now know about us in more detail. So, if you are looking for the best waste management company in India, look no further. Give us a shot and see whether we are the right fit for your business sector and vice versa. You can contact us or visit us; we would be happy to help. Best wishes!

Benefits of Recycling Wooden Items

All industries are generating various types of waste directly or indirectly from which certain types of waste can be recycled. One of them is a wooden waste. Wood processing units and manufacturers of wooden products generate most wooden waste, which was earlier sent directly to landfills. Now, businessmen are much more aware and think about recycling waste. If you are also considering recycling wooden waste, this blog is for you. Let’s discuss the benefits of recycling wooden items.

Save Costs

The first and foremost benefit of recycling wooden items is saving costs. Recycled wooden materials cost much less than purchasing new or natural wooden materials. Additionally, when you dispose of wooden waste in landfills, you may have to pay certain fees, such as for landfill, labor, etc. You don’t get anything after making these expenses. When you use that very waste for recycling, you save some costs by not buying new ones along with other benefits.

Eco-Friendly Waste Management

Every business produces some waste, and they have a responsibility to manage or recycle it so that it doesn’t become dangerous for any living being. The same is with the wooden waste. By managing and recycling the wooden waste in an eco-friendly manner, you fulfill your legal responsibility. As the leading waste management company in India, we can help you manage and recycle wooden waste in the most environmentally and economically-friendly manner.

Conserve Natural Resources

Wooden products are a huge part of our daily life. As you know, wooden items are produced from wood which is cut from trees. And trees play a massive role in sustaining ecosystems. Also, they impact positively on the environment and release oxygen. But a massive number of trees need to be cut for making wooden products. Also, we need more and more trees as pollution is increasing. Now, when all businesses think like you and recycle wooden items, you need less new wood. Thus, you take one step forward toward using less natural wood and saving them.

Create New Wooden Items

Until now, you may have understood this benefit very well. Still, let us elaborate a little bit. By recycling wooden waste, we can create raw wood or other wooden items. Of course, you save costs buying these items, as discussed earlier. In addition, recycled wood is used in many industries, such as to create building materials, play area surfaces, and more.

Save the Environment from Firewood

Why fire wooden waste when you can recycle and use the same wood? The question leads to another benefit: Saving our environment from wood fire. When anyone fires wooden waste, the air becomes polluted in the surroundings, which impacts humans and, most importantly, birds. Thus, recycling wood saves our environment.

In a nutshell, waste is inevitable. However, we take steps to reduce waste and recycle it to save our lands and your costs. Hopefully, you understood the benefits of recycling wooden items. As a recycling company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we can help you collect and recycle wooden waste in an eco-friendly manner. So, why wait? Choose the recycling Hub over a local vendor for your waste management needs.

Why should You Choose Recycling Hub over a Local Vendor?

The only purpose of managing and recycling waste is to save our planet from contamination which leads to hazardous effects on the environment and living beings. That means advanced technologies are required to manage and recycle waste, which Recycling Hub has.

Recycling Hub is the leading waste management company in India, offering waste management and recycling services for industrial waste, organic waste, plastic waste, e-waste, and more. They buy all types of scrap. Additionally, they have a dedicated and proactive customer support team.

Further, you may want to partner with a company having an environment-friendly and advanced process that does not harm anyone, including their labors. Recycling Hub is the answer, as they provide required training and PPE & safety kit to all labors.

However, there are many local vendors. Why should you choose Recycling Hub over local vendors?

  • Recycling Hub maintains transparency with all of their clients, from collecting waste to recycling it, which you may or may not find with a local vendor.
  • Recycling Hub is one-stop waste management and recycling solutions providing company. Can you find any vendor for these services that Recycling Hub provides?
  1. Hazardous waste management
  2. Plastic waste management & recycling
  3. Industrial waste management & recycling
  4. Confidential paper shredding
  5. Decontamination facilities
  6. Organic waste management & recycling & composting facility
  7. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  8. Used oil recycling
  9. Mixed garbage sorting facility
  10. E-waste waste management & recycling
  • Recycling Hub is an ISO-certified and Gujarat Pollution Control Board GPCB authorized waste management company that adheres to all government rules and regulations. Thus, you get all kinds of reports and certifications, such as carbon footprint reports, compliance reports, environmental footprint certificates, and many more. Many industries require these reports or certifications to show as a responsible industry toward the environment. If you are one of them, Recycling Hub can help you out. You must be wondering whether you can get all these reports & certifications from a local vendor.
  • As discussed earlier, Recycling Hub’s all waste management and recycling processes are environmentally-friendly. Fair enough if you can find a local vendor with the same procedures. If not, you can partner with Recycling Hub.

To sum up, the purpose of waste management and recycling is to save the environment and living beings along with saving financial resources, as you can use many recycled items as raw materials. For instance, aluminum waste can be recycled and used as raw material, or recycled used oil can be utilized again. However, you need a waste management partner you can trust completely from processes to reports and from transparency to certifications. Recycling Hub is a trusted partner for all your waste management requirements.

Debunking Myths of the Waste Management Industry

Innumerable amounts of waste are generated in India every year. Where do people dispose of these waste items? Filling in the land, throwing in water, or burning? None of them.

People are becoming increasingly aware of how mismanagement of waste affects the environment, humans, animals, and birds. As a result, they are partnering with the best waste management company in India for their waste management and recycling requirements.

Gujarat, one of the industrial states, generates massive waste. Thus, the state has many waste management companies. However, you must identify which one is recycling in an environment-friendly method.

Further, people are getting a lot of information on the internet. They are often confused between the facts and the myths. Thus, we have listed down the most common myths about the waste management industry.

Myth #1 – If you put all waste in a single bin instead of various bins for different waste, it will not matter. Waste will be sorted out before the recycling process.

There is a reason why waste categories are defined. Waste can be hazardous or non-hazardous. If both kinds of waste are collected, non-hazardous or recyclable waste can be contaminated. As a result, these waste items cannot be recycled anymore. If you wonder that the waste is being sorted before recycling, then you are on the right path. However, you must collect recyclable and non-recyclable or hazardous waste in different containers.

Myth #2 – Recycling wastes time and labour; all waste items are filling land anyway.

All waste items are sorted once they reach the waste management company in Ahmedabad. Experts sort waste items from recyclable to non-recyclable objects and hazardous to non-hazardous objects. Recyclable items are sorted further before the recycling process. The items that cannot be recycled are processed in a way that does not harm the environment, humans, or animals. Lastly, they filled in the land. Thus, lands are getting filled but not directly, not all waste items.

Myth #3 – Waste management or recycling companies do not care about the environment.

Again, it is a myth. When you partner with the GPCB-approved waste management recycler, you can expect maximum protection for the environment, humans, animals, and birds from the waste given to the company. Waste recycling companies have various advanced processes that ensure waste items are harmless. If managing and recycling waste was harming the environment, those processes have no purpose in the first place. Thus, you must partner with the GPCB approved hazardous waste recycler for your hazardous waste recycling requirements to recycle your waste in an environment-friendly way.

Myth #4 – Waste management and recycling only increase the costs.

Well, it is not true. When your industry generates oil, aluminum, or any other waste that can be recycled and used again, recycling becomes a saving instead of an expense. Recycled materials can become your raw materials. Thus, you save your purchase costs.


In final words, there is no end to generating waste. There are only solutions to manage and recycle waste. Hopefully, your misconceptions or myths about the waste management industry are debunked. Now, you will not wrangle when anyone says the waste management industry is one of the pivotal fields currently for a better tomorrow.

Global Recycling day

Global Recycling Day was created in 2018 to help recognise, and celebrate, the importance recycling plays in preserving our precious primary resources and securing the future of our planet. It is a day for the world to come together and put the planet first by doing proper waste management.

Recycling is a key part of the circular economy, helping to protect our natural resources. Each year the ‘Seventh Resource’ (recyclables) saves over 700 million tonnes in CO2 emissions and this is projected to increase to 1 billion tons by 2030. There is no doubt recycling is on the front line in the war to save the future of our planet and humanity.

Every year, the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources and at some point, in the not too distant future, it will run out or will be available in lesser quantity.

That’s why it is our Job to think again about what we throw away and how we are throwing away – seeing them not just as a waste, but opportunity for us and for our near future.

The last decade has been the hottest on record, and we are now facing a climate emergency of unparalleled proportions. If we don’t make significant and rapid changes, we will see continued rising of global warming, the melting of icecaps, continents on fire and rapid deforestation floods, earthquakes, etc.

This directly affects humanity with increased poverty, immigration from displaced communities, job losses, waste mountains and natural habitats disappearing. We have the power to make lasting changes to combat this, and with recycling being recognized in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, we are already seeing many individuals, governments and organisations taking direct action to support the global green agenda.

The mission for which Global Recycling Day was initiated are described below:

  1. To tell world leaders that recycling is simply too important not to be a global issue, and that a common, joined up approach to recycling is urgently needed.
  2. To ask people across the planet to think resource, not waste, when it comes to the goods around us – until this happens, we simply won’t award recycled goods the true value and repurpose they deserve.

We being the the Real Hero of Waste Management System “Recycling Hub” is the GPCB Authorised Scrap buyer in Gujarat. We have a team of over 450+ recycling heros where we have women empowerment of 70% workers and rest 30% workers are men’s.

Our whole team is well experienced in waste management, customer relationship maintenance, logistics planning.

Recycling Hub is the one stop solution for waste management and we are expertise in plastic waste management, waste paper recycling, thermocol garbage recycling, e-waste management, and other industrial waste management in India.

Every waste management company and recycling industry is looking towards the latest technology to find solutions and improve overall operations efficiency. We use the best recycling strategies at the recycling hub that transformed the way we planned and implemented. Using GPCB authorized scrap buyer in Gujarat, we can take the best initiative and embrace the state-of-the-art technology. One can also use smart bin sensors that recycle volumes of trash and track to its specific KPIs. Get set and incorporate the technologies which impact the success and efficiency of any recycling program.

Recycling hub is currently serving in over 24 cities across India and we are serving the waste Recycling needs of above 125 industrial units across India and creating “One stop waste Recycling Solutions” for large scale waste generators.

As India’s best-integrated waste management solution provider, we serve the industrial sectors and positively impact the waste management practice for all our clients. We ensure to deliver 100% collected scrap materials and divert towards recycling. Along with a collection of scrap and purchasing materials, we offer a wide range of value-added services.

Recycling Hub has created a significant impact in society to make a better environment. With our team efforts, we help dry waste to recycle. We have created massive awareness of waste segregation and recycle in association with a like-minded organization. We won’t stop here, as we have diverted 120 metric tons of dry waste from landfill and are growing daily. We have better waste management solutions to reduce waste and improve recycling

On this occasion of Global Recycling day, Recycling Hub Salutes, all the Recycling heros who are contributing their efforts for a cleaner and greener environment and we would request all of you to do the proper waste management handling for our near and dear Earth.

And don’t forget “RECYCLING turns things into other thing. Which is like a MAGIC” So keep recycling…

Free Recycling Program Checklist! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Recycling is a process to collect, and process materials thrown away as trash and later turn into new products. Recycling benefits our environment and community. Several businesses are on the lookout to get innovative ways to set up excellent recycling programs. With time urbanization increases where an extensive amount of people is migrating to metropolitan areas.

Study shows that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population expected to live in cities. With this, the regions will highly be polluted with a massive amount of waste. Therefore, recycling is becoming a top agenda for most waste management industry. At the recycling hub get best e-waste management recyclers done for your convenience. Do not worry about data security as we ensure that your organizations meet all the compliances. We are expertise in plastic waste management, waste paper recycling, thermocol garbage, recycling, and other industrial waste management in India.

How to implement recycling initiatives?

Firstly, understand the real value of recyclable materials.

There are different types of recyclable materials like paper, glass, cardboard etc., which seems like junk and comes with valuable large volumes. Any organization can recycle them by selling directly for reusing it or recycling them. Connect to recycling hub website as we are gpcb authorized scrab buyer in Gujarat. We ensure 100% collected scrap materials which divert towards recycling. Our team also has vast experience in waste management, customer service, and logistics planning with making most preferred among industrial sectors.

Have a Grip towards a technological revolution

Every waste management company and recycling industry is looking towards the latest technology to find solutions and improve overall operations efficiency. We use the best recycling strategies at the recycling hub that transformed the way we planned and implemented. Using GPCB authorized scrap buyer in Gujarat, we can take the best initiative and embrace the state-of-the-art technology. One can also use smart bin sensors that recycle volumes of trash and track to its specific KPIs. Get set and incorporate the technologies which impact the success and efficiency of any recycling program.

Lower the waste collection fees

There are few organizations which cost a high amount to collect the waste. Therefore, if you’re trying to execute a successful recycling initiative, then reduce the operational cost. Moreover, several smart waste technologies benefit us in supporting top-line growth, cost reduction, and efficiencies. The recycling hub helps in monitoring fill levels that collect waste and ensure the most efficient routes planned. We are the best scrap buyer in Ahmedabad and are contributing to our sustainability goal.

Do not forget about E-waste.

There are various businesses which have large offices produce a lot of e-waste, including old electronic products. Approximately 50 million tons of e-scrap generated which provide the vast majority of not being recycled. Few companies like recycling hub are authorized scrap buyers in Ahmedabad, which make it viable and best recycling option. Also, some companies offer excellent purchase e-waste, which supports the notion of producing a circular economy and a financial opportunity.

Implement a centralized recycling program

There comes recycling collection points and centralizing waste that help empower to become an active part of the initiative, generating and disposing of trash. Using this technique, companies can ensure that their employees reminded to separate recyclable waste and increase the value of efforts properly.

Few tips to reduce waste and improve recycling

  • By conducting a Waste Audit
    We should conduct a water audit once a year. As it allows for recycling, provide benchmarks for measuring and more.
  • Appoint a green team leader and provide a point of contact
    The leader keeps your all programs on track. It helps to motivate and remind colleagues to recycle. It makes sure that employees and tenants have somewhere or someone to turn to for information.
  • By Conducting a Sustainability Review
    If you find any improvement for all green efforts, then go for it and recycle your product. Do not forget your tenants and build peak green performance involving everyone.
  • Implement a Recycling Program
    No employees or tenant recycle unless a system is in place to collect and separate waste with recycling.
  • Compete to Recycle and Reduce
    There’s nothing like little competition to get people motivated. Organize a recycling competition and add departments and floors against each other to increase recycling and reduce waste with the biggest amounts.
  • Announce your Success
    Suppose the program works well and spread the word. It will raise morale and encourage compliance. It helps to gather support for all sustainability activities.
  • Make sure to clean and maintain crews to handle waste and recycle
    If the organization mix all the waste and recycling streams, then direct recycling to waste pile where all efforts will be wasted.
  • Ensure to recycle, trash and compost bin
    Paper recycling containers come with a copy room where high-traffic areas available. The company should recycle bins for bottles and cans available in the office pantry with composting pails available next to the waste bin.
  • Considering Composting
    Composting reduces waste with diverting food scraps from the trash. Check out the space storage available for adding composting facility nearby. The best way to decide if composting work well for you to conduct small trail program.

How Recycling hub is called best GPCB authorized waste recycler?

As India’s best-integrated waste management solution provider, we serve the industrial sectors and positively impact the waste management practice for all our clients. We ensure to deliver 100% collected scrap materials and divert towards recycling. Along with a collection of scrap and purchasing materials, we offer a wide range of value-added services. We are a certified organization, and GPCB authorized waste recycler. Our experts are well-trained in waste management, logistics planning and customer service, making unique and most preferred among industrial sectors.

Recycling Hub has created a significant impact in society to make a better environment. With our team efforts, we help dry waste to recycle. We have created massive awareness of waste segregation and recycle in association with a like-minded organization. We won’t stop here, as we have diverted 120 metric tons of dry waste from landfill and are growing daily. We have better waste management solutions to reduce waste and improve recycling.